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Leading Cybersecurity Solutions Aligned with NIST Cybersecurity Framework

What differentiates us is our certified team, including security risk managers, security risk analysts, and Master Anti-Terrorism Specialists accredited by ATAB (USA Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board). Committed to excellence, our solutions align with ISO 31000 risk management standards and the ISC Standard for Federal Facilities, demonstrating our adherence to industry-leading benchmarks. Our collaboration with industry leaders like Senstar, Group 2000, MOBOTIX, and Honeywell elevates our capabilities, granting access to cutting-edge security technologies. By choosing Sinteza Co, you secure a comprehensive physical security strategy that encompasses consultancy excellence. Our adept expertise, rigorous adherence to standards, and access to innovative technology coalesce to provide an unwavering defense against ever-evolving threats. Compliance and Continuous Improvement
  • Compliance Audit and Alignment: Adhering to NIST Cybersecurity Framework principles and regularly evaluating performance.
  • Continuous Improvement Plan: Regular updates and advancements to the existing cybersecurity measures, ensuring future readiness.
At Sinteza Co, we prioritize the paramount role of physical security within today’s dynamic threat landscape. Our meticulously designed, comprehensive approach is tailored up o counter terrorism level and ensure an exceptional level of vigilance in safeguarding your premises.

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Threat Assessment

Our skilled experts conduct in-depth assessments to pinpoint site­ specific risks and vulnerabilities unique to your organization, industry, and operational context.

Access Control

Employing cutting-edge access control systems, including biometric solutions, key card access, and multi-factor authentication, we ensure a regulated and secure entry and exit system.

Surveillance and Monitoring

We employ state-of-the-art surveillance technologies, such as advanced analytics, motion sensors, and CCTV cameras, to maintain real-time monitoring, swiftly detecting and responding to any suspicious activities.

Perimeter Security

By integrating robust barriers, bollards, fencing, and vehicle access controls, we establish a resilient perimeter security system, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

Emergency Response

Our comprehensive emergency response plans encompass meticulously developed evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and seamless coordination with local authorities, guaranteeing swift and efficient crisis management.

Security Training

Through regular training sessions, we equip your team with essential security protocols, recognition skills, and response strategies, ensuring everyone is well­ prepared to address potential threats.

Secure Facilities

We specialize in designing and retrofitting facilities with enhanced security features such as reinforced structures, and secure rooms, ensuring resilience against potential intrusion attacks (compartmentalized rooms and containers for information security).

// our range of cybersecurity services


  1. Identify Phase – Asset management, efficient data center design, data protection solutions, and certified risk management aligned with NIST guidelines.
  2. Protect Phase – Collaborative network security partnerships, cryptographic solutions, and advanced security features.
  3. Detect Phase – Real-time threat insights through continuous monitoring and threat hunting.
  4. Respond Phase – Certified incident responders, network defenders, and specialists ensuring prompt action and forensic investigation.
  5. Recover Phase – Advanced backup and disaster recovery, post-incident analysis, and reporting.