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Your Trusted Partner in Compliance and Innovation

Since its inception in 1994, Sinteza Co has solidified its position as a leading force in Albania’s dynamic ICT & Cybersecurity landscape, consistently delivering cutting-edge products and innovative solutions. Our expertise extends across various domains, specializing in collaboration with renowned manufacturers in IT, Network, Power, Cyber & Physical Security, as well as Printing & Document Management. “As your dedicated partner, we’re renowned for excellence and adapting to your evolving ICT and security needs. Our track record shows a commitment that exceeds expectations, delivering impactful results with every solution.”

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We offer more than a product; we deliver a promise backed by industry-leading solutions and a customer-centric approach. Trust Sinteza Co, and you are choosing a partner with a rich legacy of innovation and excellence, a partner who understands that the future demands foresight, expertise, and agility. In an ever­ connected world, let Sinteza Co be the steadfast guardian of your cybersecurity needs.

Our Expertise
Backed by a highly skilled team continually trained and certified by prestigious global institutions, organizations, and universities, we excel in crafting complex ICT infrastructure solutions. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000-1:2018 certifications, ensuring the highest quality services and operational standards.

// our mission

tailored solutions

At Sinteza, our mission is clear: to provide customers with unparalleled products, services, and tailored solutions that bring substantial value to their business objectives. We aim to exceed customer expectations through:
  • Uncompromising quality across our comprehensive service offerings
  • Strategic alliances with the world’s eminent ICT brands
  • Continuous empowerment of our adept workforce certified by globally recognized accreditation bodies
  • Unwavering 24/7/365 support for intricate and business-critical ICT infrastructures
  • Adaptable solutions customized to meet the distinctive demands of each enterprise
// our vision

digital transformation

Envisioning the future at Sinteza, we are steadfast in our commitment to guide our clients along their journey of digital transformation. Our primary objective is to enhance their business efficiency by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge ICT technologies to achieve fast communications and security. This pursuit is underpinned by the invaluable expertise of our dedicated professionals, who play a pivotal role in orchestrating this technological evolution.

Working in strategic partnership with the A-Gloss Group and the International Police Organisation.