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SINTEZA Co & Sophos Rapid Response Teams

Sinteza Co excels in Incident Response and Recovery, minimizing disruptions through a swift, specialized team deployment. Advanced forensics tools enable thorough post-incident Forensic Analysis. Our strategy includes robust Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, ensuring data integrity. We collaborate closely with external entities, from law enforcement to relevant bodies. Post-incident, we provide comprehensive Reporting and Analysis, coupled with recommendations for future prevention. Continuous User Education and Training programs ensure your staff is adept in incident response. Supported by our proficient team of Threat Hunters and Incident Response Professionals, we are always on hand to swiftly tackle any situation. Guided by our intelligence-based security approach and NIST CSF directives, we expertly hunt, find, and eliminate even the most advanced cyber threats. Proficiency in EDR, XDR, Splunk, and Syslog further reinforces our capabilities. With Sinteza, your organization is fortified against any cyber challenge.
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We Organize
All The Process

Rapid Incident Identification and Response - Deployment of a specialized team trained to minimize impact.

Forensic Analysis - Post-incident investigations using advanced forensics tools.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery - Implementation of a robust data backup and recovery strategy.

Coordination with External Entities - Collaborating with law enforcement and other relevant bodies.

Post-Incident Reporting and Analysis -Thorough reporting and recommendations for future prevention.

User Education and Training - Continuous education programs to ensure the entire staff understands their roles in incident response.




Detection and Analysis


Containment Eradication and Recovery


Post Event Actions